Sunday, May 22, 2005


Seems the Middle East is not welcoming Queen Laura with open arms.
She was greeted on her diplomatic, image-redeeming mission with heckles.


Contessa Scampi Galore said...

Oh please, Queen Laura in her black shmatka and that stupid ass grin on her face..She was probably thinking that this wall would look pretty with a cattle round-up mural on it. Queen Laura---go back to your palace and stay there..Kisses and Hugs

Harleydreamer said...

It's funny to think that she would have been welcomed with open arms; especially seeing the way muslims view women.

Vishwajith said...

I think your blog is dedicated to Mr and Mrs.Bush.its nice. iwould like to read both appreciation and criticism for AMERICA'S president as its a great nation .well i would say that Laura should be given a much good welcome there

Karl said...

I think you misunderstand my meaning of "King" George and "Queen" Laura. I am NOT dedicated to either.

True Blue Liberal said...

But where have Princesses Jenna & Barbara gone after doing their duty for their father's campaign?

Have they volunteered for secret missions in one of King George's wars??

Medbh said...

Thank you, Karl , for your well written and thoughtful posts.

The Queen of valium, LB, should just stay home. She caused more problems than she cured on her "By George" visit.
And, me, being a feminista thinks, how dare the queen of valium, who just sits by while her husband starts pre-emptive wars, go to other countries and lecture them on women's rights?
How about human rights?
go home, laura, go home.