Sunday, September 18, 2005

Falwell In Favor of Gay Rights?

The Reverend Jerry Falwell, conservative televangelist and founder of the Moral Majority and Liberty University, supports full civil rights for gay individuals. Yes! That is correct. And the Human Rights Campaign has formally thanked Falwell for publically speaking out in favor of gay rights. “I may not agree with the lifestyle,” Falwell said. “But that has nothing to do with the civil rights of that… part of our constituency.... Civil rights for all Americans, black, white, red, yellow, the rich, poor, young, old, gay, straight, et cetera, is not a liberal or conservative value,” Falwell went on to say. “It’s an American value that I would think that we pretty much all agree on.” Joe Solmonese, president of the HRC said, “Like most Americans, it seems Rev. Falwell has reached the conclusion that everyone deserves basic rights.... I hope he also supports legislation that would deliver on these values.” We shall see what Falwell says and does in the future in supporting gay rights.

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