Sunday, September 18, 2005

NO To Domestic Partner Benefits In AC?

A letter appeared today (Sunday, 9/18/05) in The Press of Atlantic City, Voice of the People which really portrays the ignorance and hatred some harbor in their hearts for gay Americans. Below is the letter:

No A.C. benefitsfor gay partners
Regarding the Sept. 7 story, "Atlantic City considering benefits for domestic partners": At a time when the nation is focusing in on the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, my home town of Atlantic City is focused on the lifestyles of those involved in immoral behavior. On one hand, you talk about keeping sexual predators out of Atlantic City, but in the next instance, you are rewarding another type of immoral sexual group with benefits. Domestic partnership is simply about those who enjoy a perverted sexual lifestyle. It is a bad example for society, and this behavior should stay where it belongs - behind doors, not in City Hall laws. Keep the taxpayers out of this illicit behavior. I pray that the churches would have the heart to stand up against this foolish move.

To Mr. Fauntleroy I would say, “Stay in Florida!”

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