Tuesday, September 27, 2005

More Karl's New Rules

More of Karl's New Rules:

New Rule #4: The only Hummer that should be on the road is the one happening in a
normal size vehicle! Any vehicle that is capable of running over another
should be reserved for use in the desert of Iraq or any other battle field, not
a city or state highway.

New Rule #5: To be politically correct, the BET will now be called the AAET. And, I
am no longer "Caucasian" but "European-American." But then why do we
have to label anyone?


EmptyNester said...

I'm sick of the name changes for ethnic origins, etc. I, too, figure I may as well be called called Euro-American as my 'roots' are all in places like Switzerland, Germany, Austria, England, etc. I don't rightly know what difference it makes. I was raised during the era where Afro-Americans fought for "black rights". And now using that term is not "politically correct".

Joe Tornatore said...

A hummer on the road can be a good thing with the right passenger.

Karl said...

Would that be the same thing as saying any hummer is a good hummer? Or's there's no such thing as a bad hummer?

Anonymous said...

Bubba said, Once a hummer always a hummer!