Saturday, September 10, 2005

Thank God There's Been A Change...Let's Only Pray For More!

It's such a relief that Michael Brown, "Brownie" as George Bush affectionately refers to the head of FEMA, has been removed from the scene in LA and MS. I am very glad-NOT- that he is back in Washington waiting for more disasters to occur so he can plan a response to them. I only hope no disaster happens in the NJ/PA area. What a hoot! He can't handle the current disaster, so send him back to Washington to prepare for others. "Brownie" is the current scapegoat of the Bush Administration. I have no doubt that he will be permanently removed from his position. BUT I ask: "Who hired Mr. Brown, a man with no experience in disaster relief efforts?" IF I am correct, it was George Bush, wasn't it? "Brownie" will be the scapegoat for this current mismanagement of events, but the Bush Administration, led by King George himself, has been nothing but wrong! Management starts from the top! Bush himself, so incompetent to even be President, should take ultimate blame for the errors made in the help to LA and MS. I'm sure "Brownie" certainly intended to be a good FEMA Director. But I don't care how good one intends to be, the employer, George W. in this case, should consider one's credentials and experience before hiring one for any job. It's one thing if one of your cronies at least meets the criteria to be in a position, or place him in the position he does belong in, but when any manager hires someone unqualified for a position, the blame is on the manager. But, the American people still insist Bush is a good president and leader. Personally, I cannot even watch the man speak because I feel so bad for him, knowing he's just going to bobble his way through. "Brownie" will be gone, but so should many others in the Bush Adminsitration, perhaps even George himself. Katrina has just been another mistake of the Administration. Need I mention the others?

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