Sunday, September 25, 2005

Support For The War?

About 400 people joined together in Washington, DC to show support to the war in Iraq. This was in contrast to the hundreds of thousands that gathered yesterday to protest the war and speak out against the Bush Administration. Of course, Cindy Sheehan was a big topic of discussion at the pro-war rally. One sign on the mall read "Cindy Sheehan doesn't speak for me" and another "Arrest the traitors"; it listed Sheehan's name first among several people who have spoken against the war. As for me? Cindy Sheehan DOES SPEAK FOR ME! How about you?

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Medbh said...

most of the 300,000 plus came via buses, and then had to take the metro to the rally site. at the metro exit that I came up, there was a very small group of pro war people situated outside of it.

As we walked en masse out of the metro and to the street, we were greeted by the pro war people with, " terrorists on that side--the street that led to the Pro Peace rally---Americans here--the path that led to their 2 dozen supporters......

btw, I read that the GWB raised a whole entire $600. from his war supporters, for his call to help build Iraq.
*&#%+***, to the GWB and his racist, humanity hating supporters.