Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bush Is Selling, But Who's Buying?

George Bush is trying again to sell his wares, well actually, his rationale and plan for the US being in Iraq, but not too many are buying this time. Yesterday, Bush was at George Washington University to deliver the first of a new series of cheerleading speeches for his Iraq adventure. But not too many are heading Bush's call to stay the course! Americans are fed up with his lies and mistruths about the reality of what is going on in Iraq. Even American troops have had it! 72% of US troops on the ground in Iraq want a withdrawl within one year, 22% of the 72% said troops should leave within 6 months, and 29% of the 72% said US troops should withdrawl immediately. WOW! When the military men and women of the US actually take a stand like that, something is seriously wrong! Other countries are also finally speaking out more and more about the quagmire the US is in! But, our genious president, who is either blind, in denial, or just plain stupid, thinks things are going well. So, are you going to buy Bush's bullshit anymore?

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