Saturday, March 04, 2006

How Do You Like Me Now?

So for all the Bush supporters I ask, "How do you like him now?" I said after the 2004 election that America deserves everything it gets and I still hold fast to that statement! How do you feel, New Orleans? How do you feel, families and friends of the dead in Iraq? How do you feel citizens of the US that may have been spied on for making an oversees call? How do you feel, all those that live near a US port that a company from the UAE may soon run? How do you feel fiscal conservatives that have seen the deficit of the US rise and rise and rise? Still feeling safe? Still feeling that George Bush is one intelligent, great leader? Americans fell for the man's BS and believe it or not, some still do. I personally never did believe a thing Bush said, and I even more now do not take anything that comes out of that man's mouth as truthful. He lied about Iraq! He lied about Katrina! He lied, lied, lied. If George Bush were Pinocchio, what a long nose he'd have! But what amazes me even more is that the American people are not outraged and up in arms! What amazes me even more is that Democrats around this nation are not driving home the lies and mistakes of the Bush Administration! Sure, occasionally someone speaks up, but then it stops! Recently Hilary Clinton was singled out as being angry. Did Hilary say, "You better believe I'm angry"? Not at all; she denied it! Damn you, Hilary! Stop playing politics and trying to placate the masses and take a stand! Is every Democrat so shell-shocked that you can't take a stand. I applauded Congressman John Murtha when he began the debate of what the heck is going on in Iraq (and I still applaud him), but this was the chance for all Democrats and America to get on the bandwagon and demand some answers from the Bush Administration, but instead, this debate too has died out! So again, I hold to my statement that America deserves exactly what it gets! Maybe when the number of dead US service peopel reaches 5,000 we'll finally say enough is enough! Or are we just waiting until 2008?

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