Saturday, March 11, 2006


Just got back from seeing Transamerica, the movie starring Felicity Huffman, who portrays a pre-op transexual (male to female). I can understand now why Felicitiy was nominated for an academy award for her performance. She and the movie were fantastic! I was not that excited to see the film, but I am so very glad I went to see it. I would recommend it to everyone.


Anonymous said...

I saw Transamerica, it is a great movie, and she should have won the Oscar. The woman who played her Mom was also very good.--I know that I saw her Mom in other movies, but I can't remember where...
Do you know what movies/tv shows she was in before?
All in all, a great flick. I originally thought it was a flick about traveling (blonde moment)so was clueless initially, about the movie's content. Surprise! Great movie, liked the son, too.

Karl said...

Not sure who played the mother. I too have seen her before.