Sunday, March 26, 2006

More US Diplomacy?

Looks like the Bush Adminstration is at it again with its tremendous dipomatic efforts. This time, it is with the Iranian nuclear situation. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has rebuked the US for false reports and allegations about Iran and its advancement of nuclear weapons. UN inspectors should know by next week how far Iran has moved to nuclear enrichment, but the US is already taking the position that sanctions need to be enacted by the UN immediately. So far, the IAEA has found no evidence of any Iranian nuclear weapon plan! Sound familiar?

Do you remember when the UN inspectors were in Iraq looking for WMD's? What did the inspectors find? NOTHING, NADA! But the US, already preparing for war in Iraq, did not care what the inspectors found or did not find. Is Iran next in the Bush Administration's "experiment of democracy"? Is the Bush Adminstration already preparing for an invasion of Iran? Maybe because of the failure in Iraq, the US needs to take over a neighbor of Iraq? The US talks about seeking diplomatic solutions in Iran, just like Bush spoke of wanting a diplomatic solution in Iraq, but the US actions are just the opposite.

So much for the diplomatic capabilities of the Bush & Company! Diplomacy does not exist in the Bush world! It is do as we say, or else!

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