Saturday, March 25, 2006

The "Experiment" In Iraq

Did you know that the US invaded Iraq because it was an "experiment of democracy"? I must have missed that. But Senator John McCain met with Iraq's president and left the meeting stating, "The American people, no matter what party they are associated with, want the experiment of democracy to succeed." Damn! Bush & Company are great in convincing the American idiots of anything! I thought the US invaded Iraq because of WMD and the threat to the US. Then I thought the US invaded Iraq as a payback to 9-11 and to oust the terrorists hiding in Iraq. But, it appears the US invaded Iraq because it was an "experiment of democracy." And I guess over 2,300 US soldiers, and more to come, were the guinea pigs! For someone to be a subject in an experiment, he usually has to give informed consent. US soldiers do give consent, but I'm not sure how much information was given to them. Don't get me wrong, I support the men and women in the US armed services (I owe my freedom to them), but I DO NOT, nor NEVER WILL support the US invasion of Iraq. It just amazes me how the BS keeps flowing. And again, Americans buy it!

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