Friday, August 25, 2006

Bush + Diplomacy = ZERO!

The following is a Letter to the Editor that appeared in The Press of Atlantic City on Wednesday:

Dear Editor,

From the beginning of this recent Middle East crisis between Israel and Hezbollah, President Bush said very little, except to say Israel had a right to defend itself against terrorism and that Israel should proceed cautiously so as not to harm the government of Lebanon. Bush pretty much stayed quiet during the whole event. Then, on the day the cease fire took effect, Bush had to announce that Hezbollah was the definite loser in this conflict, despite Hezbollah's proclamation that they defeated Israel.
From what I saw, neither side won a victory. Both Israel and Hezbollah suffered death and destruction. I cannot for the life of me figure out why our president had to taunt either side. President Bush should have kept his mouth shut! Instead of trying to further peace, Bush only seemed to incite more hatred. Bush had to speak his "bring it on" talk once again. (The last time he did that was on a battle ship in the Gulf proclaiming the US victory in Iraq, and look what that brought us).
There really is no diplomacy in the Bush Administration. President Bush is too busy telling other nations what they will and will not do, and what consequences they will face if they do not obey the US. And we wonder why other people hate us?


The Bush Administration's lack of diplomacy is mindblowing! Bush's approach to diplomacy is "do what we say or else." He constantly tells us "they" hate our freedom and democratic way of life and that's why "they" hate us, but I contend there is much more to the hatred than just that.
Bush does not even try to understand what it is about them that makes them tick. The Bush Administration needs a good lesson in diplomatic tactics!

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