Saturday, August 05, 2006

Prime Those Teats

There was an picture in this morning's newspaper (not the one to the left) reporting the effect the heat has on the production of milk cows. The picture showed a man "priming" the cow's udders. PRIMING THE COW'S UDDERS??!! Such a thing exists in the cow milking world? Having never been raised on a farm, despite what many believe, and having never actually milked a cow myself, I decided to check this out. And yes indeedie, one must prime a cow's udder prior to milking.

After bringing your cow to the milking center or going to the cow, "The next phase involves the removal of a few squirts of milk from each teat" This makes a couple of things happen: It allows the farmer to see if the milk has clots or flakes in it, and secondly, it gets rid of bacteria that may be in the teat opening. So next time you grab that glass of milk, remember some cow's teat was primed for you to get that!

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paxromano said...

Now you just know that somewhere, some one is dashing off a nasty letter to the editor of that paper complaining about the obscene story about cows and their teats!