Sunday, August 06, 2006

Vote...........Our Future Depends On It!

I know it's a bit early to be thinking about the 2006 election, but I want to encourage every Pennsylvania resident to vote Rick Santorum out of office! Santorum does nothing but pander to the right-winged religious crazies and the ultra-conservative Republicans. He has really damaged gay rights, not only for PA, but for every US citizen. And it's time that he is stopped!

I have considered moving to PA just to be eligible to vote against Santorum, but I am sure NJ will have its battles to fight in the future. To my knowledge, there are no big decisions to be made in NJ, but in 2008 I am pretty sure Frank LoBiondo is up for re-election, and he too must be defeated.

Philadelphia is a very gay-friendly city. Philly should be proud of its cultural diversity. Afterall, it is where freedom began. It is the City of Brotherly Love, and one which allows true freedom for those who love a bit differently than the "norm." Be proud Philly! Stand up and lead the rest of PA in defeating Rick Santorum!

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