Thursday, August 03, 2006

An Easy Way To Piss Off Your Conservative Friends

I recently came across a commentary written by Alan Wofe in the Washington Monthly. I learned today it is an easy way to piss off your conservative friends, if you have any. After slamming the Bush Administration, stating that, "This administration, if not the worst in American history, will soon find itself in the final four", Wolfe begins his reasoning for why Conservatives cannot govern.

Wolfe starts out by presenting the major premise of Conservatives that, "Contemporary conservatism is first and foremost about shrinking the size and reach of the federal government." This mission, Wolfe argues is "an ideological one." As such, this Conservative ideal cannot solve "real-world problems, such as managing increasing deficits or finding revenue to pay for entitlements built into the structure of federal legislation." But once in office, Conservatives must seek ways to better the lives of citizens by handing out wanted entitlements.

Wolfe continues by stating that, "Conservatives cannot govern well for the same reason that vegetarians cannot prepare a world-class boeuf bourguignon: If you believe that what you are called upon to do is wrong, you are not likely to do it very well." Wolfe also makes the point that this is one of the reasons FEMA has failed under the Bush Administration while flourishing under the Clinton Administration. Conservatives do not believe in government being utilized to assist and help, while Liberals do.

Wole give a lot more examples of why Conservatives cannot govern, and the article is worth the read. How can someone lead if what they believe in, in this case little or no government, is what they are supposed to lead?


Merci said...

As far as I'm concerned, this is exactly on the mark.

PaxRomano said...

And if this does not piss off your yellow pants...err, that is, your conservative friends; just mention Helen Thomas!!