Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lieberman A Victim Of War

Well, Joe Lieberman lost his primary election to anti-way candidate, Ned Lamont. Hopefully this will just be the beginning for those who continue to stand in support of the Iraq war. Lieberman has supported, and continues to support, the debacles of George W. in Iraq. And Lieberman is now paying the price. But according to some, this is not the only thing that defeated Lieberman. Some hold that Lieberman lost touch with his voters by staying in the DC bubble and not listening to his constituents.

The next two elections at least, the 2006 mid-term elections and the 2008 presidential election, will be a referendum on the Iraq War. This may be the only hope for those men and women dying in Iraq. Politicians will see that if they want to win an election, they must support getting our troops out of Iraq. And the next President I believe, will be an anti-Iraq War president intent on stopping it, if it's still going on by then.

George W. is intent on "staying the course" and he will do nothing to stop the killing in Iraq. It will only be when the people of this country get sick and tired of seeing our military men and women die in vain for nothing in Iraq! Already polls show 60% of Americans do not support the war in Iraq. Who knows what that figure will be by the 2008 election?

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Charlie said...

For either party's nominee to win in 2008 they are going to have to address the disaster in Iraq, how to get out of it, and how to conduct the war on terror in a better fashion.