Thursday, August 18, 2005

Vigils, Vigils Everywhere

There are vigils popping up all over the US to memorialize the Iraq war dead and to call for the end of US troop involvement in Iraq. There has been a new groundswelling of protests that may end up being as big as, or even bigger, than the protests before the US invaded Iraq. How great! Bush may not have any other choice than to bring our troops home. And his great war will be the failure for which it should be known for the rest of history. But, I cannot ask the question, why not all the concern before the war began? Why now, after so many dead? Did they die in vane? Did they give their lives for a political war staged by Bush & Company? Why did so many people believe all the b.s. Bush sold before invading Iraq? Not only should Bush & Company be held responsible for every single death in Iraq, but so should all those legislators and intelligence people who went along with Bush because they were afraid to be seen as unpatriotic for speaking against the war. Why is it that Americans have to wait until tragedy occurs to make public officials answer? Why are we so easily swayed to one way or another. Who knows, maybe soon the good people of this country will begin to realize that Bush & Company were not only wrong about Iraq, but a whole lot of other things they have held so dearly?

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