Sunday, August 21, 2005

Even Some Republican Leaders Are Worried

GOP Senator Chuck Hagel, Nebraska, said Sunday that the war in Iraq has destabilized the Middle East and is looking more like the Vietnam conflict from a generation ago. "We should start figuring out how we get out of there," Hagel said on "This Week" on ABC. "But with this understanding, we cannot leave a vacuum that further destabilizes the Middle East. I think our involvement there has destabilized the Middle East. And the longer we stay there, I think the further destabilization will occur." Hagel went on further to say, "stay the course" is not a policy. "By any standard, when you analyze 2 1/2 years in Iraq ... we're not winning." Hagel is not new to war. He earned 2 purple hearts and other honors for his service in Vietnam. And Hagel is beginning to realize that Iraq is going to turn into the new Vietnam. So even leading GOP members are starting to question Bush's plan for Iraq. In reality, there really is no plan. Now if only Democrats could all come to some agreement to push for the return of US troops. To my dissapointment, Bill Clinton recently said that Americans should stand behind Bush and his vision for Iraq. And very few Democrats have had the balls to look Bush in the eyes and say he's wrong.

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Medbh said...

I can't believe that Clinton said that.....I am so disappointed