Saturday, August 27, 2005

Forgive and Forget?

Awwww.....Terrell Owens! Remember him? He's the one that caused all the drama in Eagles training camp just a few short weeks ago. He played in his first pre-season game last night against the Bengals and he had what was considered a great game. He and McNabb connected on the first play of the game for a long TD pass. So, now we can just forget all the fuss TO created? We can just put it aside because to win means everything? No matter what the cost, it is the end, the win, that matters? I had to cringe as I watched fans scream and yell for TO. A picture in the newspaper this morning of little boys, one with a "T" and the other with an "O" painted on their chests, arms waving in the air, made we wonder what kind of a message has TO sent to our children? What kind of message are our children still getting? Is it one that says when you don't get your own way, pout, throw a fit, and maybe you will get what you want? I only hope that the message our children get is that you can get upset about something, but need to cool off, and come back into line. Only TO's behavior in the future will determine what kind of message the children receive. And come on TO...grow up. Do you know how much wasted energy you are exerting by not speaking to McNabb?

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Joe Tornatore said...

we should all take TO. Timeout from this behavior that is.