Thursday, June 09, 2005

African-American Study Mandatory

First of all, let me say that I believe ALL people should hold onto their cultural background, language, and customs. NOBODY should give up their heritage. Even though I do not speak another language fluently, I have always believed children growing up in bilingual homes should maintain the knowledge of, and use of, the family's native language. Kids should feel proud of who they are and what their background is. However, there is also the need as Americans to be able to communicate and "fit in" to our U.S. society. We are all different, but must at times be the same. I think Philadelphia schools (June 9, 2005) mandating African-American studies is wrong. Despite what is said, I cannot help but believe this is being done only to be politically correct. What about Asia-American studies, Hispanic-American, or Middle Eastern studies, or any other culture growing up in the U.S.
African-American studies, like any other cultural group, should be included in American history and how that particular group has impacted on the American society. I agree that different cultural studies should be made available as electives. And, depending on what part of the country one lives, different cultural studies may be made available. But to single out African-American as a MANDATORY course of study is not appropriate.

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Medbh said...

Aren't 75% of the kids in Philly schools African Americans?
You simply can't classify Asian american's Polish Americans, et al the same as African Americans. They were brought over here in chains, as slaves, IF they survived the horrendous trip. And the black/white race issue is at the foundation of the current "hate" ideology in the South and West. How many US Senators just refused to sign the anti lynching laws???
How many Irish Americans were lynched in Amerika?
No comparison, on American soil, is on the same par with African Americans. You just can't compare their history with any other Americans.
And that legacy of hatred and minimalization continues in 2005.
healing needs to occur. And healing will occur when young African Americans and the rest of the US population knows about and recognizes the great people and the great accomplishments DESPITE the slave trade, that occurred within the African American community.
It has to be mandated, or ignorant people will never recognize the truth of their "American" history, and young AA's will never know and be able to bond with the great leaders, inventors, and people of their race.
WE OWE it to ALL young African Americans to let the American children/public know about their history. It will help to heal our divided wounds.
And we owe it to Native Americans to have THEIR history mandated also. Their are many great people in American history, besides white men.