Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Pope Benedict and Gay Marriage

Guess we know where Pope Benedict XVI stands on gay marriage. He said that same-sex unions are fake and expressions of "anarchic freedom" that threaten the future of the family. It is sad that heterosexual marriages are so weak that 2 gay people marrying would threaten the existence of marriage and family. It is even more sad that a "fake" god, like the Pope, would make such a statement.


Anonymous said...

JOEY.........IS that you??

PaxRomano said...


This from the bastard whose religion denigrates women and protects pedophiles ... what can we expect?

Medbh said...

The Poop sucks. I would write him a letter asking about "psuedo" pedophiles, but I think it would be useless. He is also still advocating "no birth control and no condoms."
He is , in MHO, a sadistic bastard who has no empathy at all towards those individuals living in the third world countries that are the last bastions of the Catholic faith.
And, and also, the Vatican Library hoards of billions of dollars of humanity's treasures, and the VATICAN will not let any one who is affiliated with the press into those "secret" libraries.

What do they have to hide? How many billions of dollars do they rest on?
No wonder the GWB went to the funeral. He is a lost, despised blood relative who is hoping to cash in some day.