Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bush Lied! So What?

Those of us like myself, left-winged, liberal, bloggers cannot understand why the media has not jumped all over the now infamous DOWNING STREET MEMO, and beat that horse again and again like other things the media chooses to beat (i.e. Michael Jackson, the Runaway Bride, the Pope's death/election, etc.). Why is the American public not appalled and even more disgusted with Bush's lie? The reason, as given by Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist is simple. The DOWNING STREET MEMO and all it contains is not really news. "Not anymore." Morford explains further: "Look at it this way: the majority of the nation knows Bush lied like a dog to drive us into an unwinnable (but for his cronies, incredibly profitable) war. The rest either refuse to believe it, or they claim...that the ends (ousting a pipsqueak dictator who was no real threat to anyone and who had been successfully contained for 20 years) justify the means..."
So Bush lied! So what? When Bill Clinton lied, the media was all over that. The Republicans wanted him out of office! (Some would have preferred the old, "off with his head" if they could). But Bush lied, and because of his lie, thousands have died and even more been permanently maimed for life, and very few seem to give a damn!
As the DOWNING STREET MEMO hints at, had 9-11 not occurred, there would be no way in Hell Bush and Tony Blair could have pulled off this Iraq thing. Americans had to be patriotic by NOT speaking badly of Bush's plan. Americans, and I'm afraid our U.S. legislators, didn't want to give the impression they would do anything to stop America from protecting itself.
It is such a shame that the media and Americans continue to look the other way and excuse Bush's lie! Bush is as much a criminal as Saddam Hussein. Bush broke international law and as a direct result, killed thousands. It's time Bush be made to explain and answer for his lie!

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