Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Where Were They Before?

A new CNN/USA Today/Gallop Poll shows 6 out of 10 Americans oppose the war in Iraq. Well, guess what people? It's a little late now! Where were all these people before the war? Why were people so in favor of taking out Saddam Hussein prior to the U.S. dropping bombs on Iraq? Back then, the majority favored the war.
I was opposed to the war from the very beginning. I am no genius, but I just couldn't buy Bush's reasons for the war. I knew there were no WMD. If there were, why didn't the UN Inspectors find them? If the U.S. was so confident of where the WMD were, why didn't the U.S. tell the UN Inspectors so they could find them? And I knew Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9-11. History has shown that Saddam and Osama bin Laden did not like each other. You didn't have to be too smart to know that. Was Saddam Hussein happy about 9-11? Probably. Did he have anything to do with it? NO!
So, all I can say is that we got ourselves into a war that I, and many others, but not enough, knew wouldn't be as easy as the previous Gulf War. Bush had no plans for this war except "take Saddam out." After that I guess Bush thought the Iraqi's would just be so happy they would do whatever King George said. After all, he got a mandate in the U.S. Why wouldn't a nation like Iraq be so happy and compliant with whatever King George wanted. So, unfortunately, the U.S. got into another Vietnam, a war that we will be involved in for quite some time.
(I just hope all those people who voted for Bush in 2004 won't end up being unhappy with Bush's performance! Ooops, they are!).


PaxRomano said...

I think it's called "buyers remorse".

But in the end, we get the government we deserve...

Medbh said...

well, change is a constant, and it's better to fight now for impeachment, indictment, or any other measure that will oust him, rather than wait him out. Cause, Jeb is next in line, and the generational war is in the making. the DSM group has a new campaign out to demand another inquiry. tell people to sign up! Quick!