Thursday, June 16, 2005

Terrell Owens Deal Not All That Bad

"It was certainly substandard." That is how Drew Rosenhaus, Agent, described Terrell Owens' existing contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.
Today's Philadelphia Inquirer (June 16, 2005) took a look at the contract of Terrell Owens and compared it to other receivers in the league. Owen's 7 year contract is worth slightly less than $49 million. The deal included just under $9.2 million in guaranteed money and is worth just a little under $7 million annually over the first 3 years. Only 2 other receivers, Randy Moss and Marvin Harrison, have a better contracts than Owens.
What I think is even more important is the fact that Owens signed the contract, and even gladly accepted a trade from the Baltimore Ravens. I have always thought that a contract was a binding document that had legal ramifications. I guess Owens doesn't see it this way. He thinks one can simply change his contract midstream. When you or I sign a contract, however good or bad it may be, we have to live with it until it's life is over (or ours). Why does Owens think he's any different?
I am sick and tired of sports figures thinking they are better than the rest of us. Thinking they deserve special treatment because they can play a game. When you look at the grand scheme of life, what these men (and women) do, really has no importance whatsoever. So guys......and gals.........and Terrell.............stop thinking our lives depend on you!

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