Friday, June 17, 2005

Romney's New Effort To Prohibit Gay Marriage in Massachusetts

Kristian Mineau, Massachusetts Family Institute
Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has endorsed efforts to pass a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in 2008. Massachusetts, as you may already know, is the only state in which gay marriage is legal. The courts have ruled that the Massachusetts State Constitution protects gays from marrying. The amendment ban would change this, making marriage only legal between a man and a woman.
Romney is currently courting conservative voters for a possible presidential run in 2008. Another political move using gays as the bait. It worked for George Bush. One can only hope the citizens of Massachusetts, which have been living with gay marriage for a year now, will see the hypocracy and divisiveness in Governor Romney's move. In March, a Boston Globe poll indicated that 56% of those surveyed supported gay marriage.


Anonymous said...

OK, but who's the guy in the photo? Here's a link to Mitt's image:

Is that his father, George, who was once gov. of MI?

Karl said...

That's Kristian Mineau, Massachusetts Family Institute.