Saturday, June 18, 2005

Proud of Philadelphia

I consider Philly my home city. (I don't actually live in Philly, but to me, it is MY city). NYC comes in second and I'd have to say San Francisco is up there too. I am very proud of the City of Philadelphia and it's attitude toward the gay community. In the latest edition of OUT TRAVELER (July/August 2005, page 50), there is a story entitled "Philadelphia Freedom" which tells of the City of Brotherly love celbrating one of the first U.S. Gay Rights demonstrations. Often, we associate Stonewall in NYC with the Gay Rights movement, but in 1965, gays and lesbians protested at Independence Hall to make a stand for gay rights. These protests were recently honored at the Equity Forum in April-May in Philly.
Even today, Philly is a great city in which to be gay. Activities and places for gays and lesbians to gather seem to abound in Philly, and I personally have never felt "threatened" at all when in Philly. Domestic partners working in Philly have some of the best benefits in the country. I think Philly too should be proud of the independence it shows toward its citizens and visitors.

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