Sunday, June 19, 2005

Get That Bear!

"Well they better tranquilize it and take it away!" That's the response alot of people give when you mention the black bear that's been wandering around Atlantic County, NJ the past couple of weeks. According to the Press of Atlantic City, the Bureau of Wildlife Management is not that concerned with the bear at this time. Mr. Bear is only considered a "category II" bear. He is a nuisance, but not a danger. "The bear hasn't done anything other than show himself to human observation," said Larry Herrighty, Chief of the Bureau of Wildlife Management. Mr. Bear hangs out in the wood, comes out occasionally to eat or maybe sightsee, then goes back into the wood. Not a problem at all.
There are apparently three categories for bear sightings/behavior: III) bears that exhibit normal behavior and do not create a nuisance and are not a threat to public safety; II) nuisance bears that are not an immediate threat to public safety; and I) bears that constitute an immediate threat to life and property. The Bureau of Wildlife Management is observing Mr. Bear, and if need be, will then tranquilize and remove him.
People get so freaked out when dealing with mother nature. Let's face it People, the animals were here long before we were and it is WE who are in THEIR territory. The first thing we humans want to do when confronted with one of nature's creatures is to "get rid of it." People in other parts of the State and country who live with bears on a daily basis don't feel it's any big deal. We all need to learn to be calm and relax and enjoy nature, not fear it.

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