Thursday, June 16, 2005

Thank God Somebody's Finally Demanding An Answer

Finally!! Some congressional Democrats are insisiting that the White House provide more information about what led to the decision to go to war in Iraq. The Democrats, with the now infamous DOWNING STREET MEMO in hand, want some answers.
Rep. John Conyers, D-Michigan, and other Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee were holding a public forum Thursday afternoon to seek answers to the DOWNING STREET MEMO assertations that intelligence and information was "tweaked" to justify the war in Iraq. The "intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy," the DOWNING STREET MEMO recounts.
Rep. Conyers believes that George Bush should respond to questions raised by the DOWNING STREET MEMO. Tony Blair has already denied any allegation about facts being "fixed" in regards to the decision to go to war in Iraq. White House press secretary Scott McClellan indicated that no one in the White House has any plans to respond to the memo.
Democrats and anyone who is concerned about the Bush lies should insist that answers to the allegations be given. Write members of the House Judiciary Committee to let them know your position on this. Demand an explanation!


Anonymous said...

Visited Medbh lately? America needs to wake up from this slumber. Jack Johnson writes, "we only receive what we demand and if we want hell, hell is what we'll have.." HELLO!
Is anybody really alive out there?

PaxRomano said...

It's a sad state of affairs when Michael Jackson's freak show gets more press than The Downing Street Memo ... but frankly, I don't think anyone really cares.

Karl said...

Just dont' "beat it" Pax. There are people who care. You care? I care! Zelda cares! And so does Medbh.......boy does she care!