Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bear In My Backyard

Seems there's a black bear wandering around in my backyard. Well, not literally in MY back yard, but in my area of Atlantic County. The bear made his first appearance on Monday in Egg Harbor City. By Tuesday he was seen in the Mays Landing (Hamilton Township) area. Mr. Bear traveled 25 miles in one day, crossing several major highways on his quest for......well, we really don't know what for. Perhaps a mate? He is a young male bear on an adventure. Mr. Bear reportedly can run as fast as 30 mph when moving at his fastest pace. Hopefully people won't freak too much and just leave him alone. He is definitely more afraid of those humans he comes across; he spent part of yesterday hiding out in a tree. When the watchers finally gave Mr. Bear some room, he came out of the tree and went on his merry journey. First a beluga whale in the Delaware. Now a black bear in south Jersey. What next?


Joe Tornatore said...

Maybe they finally got around to taping the next season of Sopranos. bearly possibly, I know.

Karl said...

Maybe that's where he came from. I don't Tony ever got that bear, did he?