Thursday, June 02, 2005


So the Michael Jackson molestation trial is about to come to an end. The jury has been given its final instructions before deliberating, and the closing arguments have been made. Is he guilty? Is he innocent? In a few short days we will know the jury's verdict.
I have waivered during this trial (not that I have watched it daily). Whatever the outcome, I believe Michael meant no harm to any child involved. Michael himself is nothing more than a child, a 40- something year old man, stuck in a child's mind. He lives in a child's fantasy, and is one screwed up guy. Never having a childhood of his own may be to blame. His abusive father may be the blame. Being surrounded by people that allowed Michael to do whatever Michael wanted to do may be to blame. Perhaps Michael was just "acting out" sex play with boys like boys do?
This however, is no excuse for a grown man to sexually molest a child if that is indeed what happened. I feel the defense attorneys raised enough questions during the trial to cause enough doubt in the jury's mind to find Michael Jackson NOT GUILTY of child molestation. Remember, in order to find one guilty in a criminal law trial there must be evidence beyond reasonable doubt.
But if Michael Jackson is found GUILTY, then I will be happy with the jury's decision. They will have listened to the evidence and come to their conclusion .
I just hope that if the verdict is NOT GUILTY that Michael Jackson and all his consultants will not take this as a sigh of relief to continue life as is. Michael Jackson should think long and hard about his relationships with any children. I cannont believe for the life of me why Michael did not learn this lesson after the last accustation of child molestation, but I hope he learns from this experience. Don't be a moron Michael! Stay away from children and be a man!

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PaxRomano said...

Would that someone could take this wreck and give him what he really needs; about ten years of intensive behavioral psychotherapy.

And while we are at it, I'd consider parenting classes for all of the twits who allowed their children to ever enter the gates of Neverland.