Sunday, June 12, 2005

Capitalism Gone To The Dogs?

Al Roker and Sharon Osborn
Anybody happen to catch the NBC Dateline story done by Al Roker, entitled PET NATION (Sunday, 6/12/05)?
Al Roker looked at how Americans spend, or waste as I would put it, money on our pets. Americans will spend over $36 Billion on everything from gourmet dog food to designer clothing for dogs. Al follows the life of a canine named Woody, as he is given the royal treatment. In other segments of the show, Al explains how pets receive pretty dresses running upwards of $600.00, $3,000.00 doggie perfume, and $45,000.00 doggie earrings, among other extravagent items. Al also explores the expensive doggie day care centers and spa for your pet.
Is this what capitalism is all about? Do Americans have nothing better to spend their money on than their pets? I have no problem with someone who really cares for their pet. For some, a pet is a "child," and I do not have a problem treating one's pets as such. But, come on! There are people in this country starving! There are people in this country who cannot afford medication to live! There are people in this country who live on the streets! If someone doesn't know where to spend their money, there are plenty of places to do so that would help the human animals around.
It is a wonder that other countries HATE the U.S. For what someone pays to feed their dog one single meal, in some countries, a month's supply of food could be purchased. Maybe countries that look at this and hate the U.

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Joe Tornatore said...

It's a dog gone shame.